Correcting & Creating Your Perfect Eyebrows!
Let our quick Body Waxing Professionals and
Brazilian Waxing Specialists handle all your hair removal needs.

We have a FULL RANGE of body waxing for men and women. We use only the highest quality wax and after wax products, because we strive for absolute perfection in all areas of our waxing!

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Mawson LakesShop 1 9/11 Hurtle Parade

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Stop that half hour of pain to maintain your lower regions.

We strive for perfection, making your dream perfect eyebrows a reality!

Threading is an ancient Middle-Eastern technique that uses a doubled-up strand of anti-bacterial cotton thread to maintain brows.

Our waxing services are not just for women – men need care as well!

This is a highly personal service, so we observe the highest standards of privacy and hygiene.

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